6 months in..

Today marks 6 months since I started my current ‘job’ – I use inverted commas because almost none of what I do actually feels like work. 
I don’t like leaving at the end of the day, and I’m excited to come back the next day. And I’m pretty sure I’ve transcended just feeling happy about it – I’ve reached a point that I can only describe as bliss.
Sure, I don’t want to stay in the same position forever but if someone said to me tomorrow that I’d be in Priority Areas forever I’d end up feeling a bit more than ok about it. (After I’d got over feeling pissed off that we had to exist at all!!)
And, I get to work with the coolest people. Legit. Jesus moves in them. You can see it, clear as day, and that’s what makes them an absolute inspiration.

(lol, I’d totally never tell them this though!) 
However, perhaps the biggest gift I’ve been given in the last 6 months is realisation. Realisation that we all have a form of Ministry, whether that be tied to the confines of structures; for some people it is and for others it isn’t. For me, I’m an ‘other’ in this mix. 

I tried to work within the confines of the system, and it didn’t work out for me. I’m pretty sure there’s another avenue, or pathway, that God has set aside for me to leap towards, but I don’t think that exists yet – perhaps in His vision, but not in ours. 
Maybe that’s my Ministry – to be a visionary, to have imagination, to live a dream and make other dreams possible. I’m still working all of this out, but clarity is coming…

If we can’t imagine a new life in Ministry, how can it become reality? 
If we accept the box, we’ll remain confined within it. If we accept the space the box is in, we can transform the box into a whole new vision. In doing this, we don’t lose the box – it’s just different.

And that’s what frightens people; difference or changes. Changes are an initial walk into the unknown, and changes require a level of imagination – otherwise, everything stays the same. 

The cycle never dies, but the potential for newness of life does.


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